# Ordinance for B.E. 4 year Degree course

Continuous evaluation system will be followed with three components as Class Test (CT),Teacher’s Assessment (TA) and End Semester Exam (ESE). To make TA more objective one, this will depend upon attendance, home assignments, take home exam, closed and open book tests, group assignments, viva-voce, quizzes etc. Similarly, there will be two or three class tests in a 

semester the results of which will be shown to the class students along with test answer books under intimation to the University. However, ESE will have to be conducted by the college/institute through affiliating university. Weightings of CT, TA and ESE will be as given in the scheme of examination.


Percentage as well as absolute grading system will be followed. In every subject, theory or practical, a candidate will be awarded a letter grade based on one’s combined performance of all the components, e.g., TA, CTs and ESE. These grades will be described by letters indicating a qualitative assessment of the candidate’s performance through a number equivalent called “Grade Point” (GP) as given below. A course is completed successfully, or a credit is earned for a course when letter grade C or better is obtained in the course.
Letter Grade (LG) : A+ A B+ B C+ C F
Grade Point (GP) : 10 9 8 7 6 5 0

Grades will be awarded for every subject, theory and practical separately. This will be done as described below.


The absolute grading system of the type explained below will be adopted for theory and practical subjects.

A+ 85 < Marks < 100%, 90 < Marks < 100%,
A 75 < Marks < 85%, 82 < Marks < 90%,
B+ 65 < Marks < 75%, 74 < Marks < 82%,
B 55 < Marks < 65%, 66 < Marks < 74%,
C+ 45 < Marks < 55%, 58 < Marks < 66%,
35 < Marks < 45%, 50 < Marks < 58%,
F 0 < Marks < 35%, 0 < Marks < 50%,

Thus letter grades A+, A, B+, B, C+, C, and F and the corresponding Grade Point will be available for each subject evaluated by the examiner.

# 9.4 FAIL GRADE “F”
Additionally, further categorizations of F will be
FF : Failing in any theory/practical subject.
FI : Incomplete grade failing to appear in ESE due to illness or so but otherwise satisfactory
performance, thus eligible for re-exam in that subject.
FS : Failing in sessionals, i.e. in TA, so repeat the semester.
FX : Failing due to short of attendance so repeat the semester.
WW : Result withheld due to various reasons.
FA : Failing due to aggregate marks being less then 50% of total marks, so eligible to appear in
one or two subjects (theory only) of one's choice.

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