# Ordinance for B.E. 4 year Degree course

This is a weighted average of course grade points obtained by a student for all courses taken since his admission to the degree program with 50% weightage of I and II semester marks and 100% for remaining semesters. Thus, CPI in i-th semester with “i” greater than 2 will be calculated as

If a student repeats a course or is declared fail in a subject, then only the grade points obtained in the latest attempts are counted towards CPI. CPI will be calculated in every semester with SPI, so that a student knows how his CPI is changing.


9.8.1 The class/division awarded to a student with B.E./B. Tech. Degree is decided by the student’s Percentage of Marks as per the following table

?? Distinction or Honours : 75% < Mraks < 100%
?? Class I : 65% < Mraks < 75%
?? Class II : 50% < Mraks < 65%

9.8.2 Division shall be awarded only after the eighth and final semester examination, based on integrated performance of the candidate for all the four years.

9.8.3 No candidate shall be declared to have passed the final B.E. unless he/she has fully passed all the previous examinations of the eight semesters. The results of the eighth and final semester of those candidates who have not passed examination of any previous semester will be withheld. They, however, will be informed about the deficiency. He/she shall be deemed to have passed the final B.E. examination in the year in which he/she passes all the examinations of all eight semesters.


The transcript issued to a student after completion of the course will contain consolidated record of all the courses taken by the student, grades obtained and the final CPI with class or division obtained.


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