# Ordinance for B.E. 4 year Degree course

A candidate shall be eligible for admission to V, VI, VII and VII semesters, provided he/she has passed I, II, III and IV semesters, respectively.
10.1 CARRY OVER: A candidate shall be allowed to carry over all the subjects, i.e. theory and practical of a semester in the higher semester as per section 10 above. He/She shall be required to clear the next ESE only in those subjects (theory/practical) in which he was awarded WW or FI or FF grades.

10.2 ROLL NO.: Every student will be allotted a unique roll number in the following format till
he completes the degree program.


With a view to moderate hard line cases in the examination, the following rules shall be observed:
11.1 Deficiency up to 5 marks be condoned to the best advantage of the candidate for passing the examination, provided the candidate fails in maximum of two theories/ one theory and one Practical/Two Practicals. This facility shall be available only to those candidates who clear that particular semester examination in full (i.e. in all theory, practicals and sessionals in first attempt) by availing of 5 Grace Marks.
11.2 While declaring result of the candidate, no marks shall be added to or subtracted from the aggregate for the deficiency condoned as above. However, he/she will pass the courses (subjects) cleared through clause 11.1 After condoning the deficiency, the candidate’s result shall be declared in the division, for which the aggregate obtained by him/her entitles.
11.3 One grace mark will be awarded to the candidate who is failing/missing distinction/missing first division by one mark, on behalf of the Vice-chancellor in the DEGREE examination. This benefit will not, however, be available to a candidate
getting advantage under clause 11.1..


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