Government Engineering College, Raipur

Laboratories :

Computers Science Departments :
In Computers Science Departments There are two labs. Each lab has 50 computers and connected in LAN. Each lab is used to perform different practical work of all semesters along with other department. The main practicals are data structure, C, C++, Java, .Net, Matlab, simulation etc. All the lab maintenance work is done by our lab technician.

Electronics and Telecommunication Departments
List of Lab :
1. Computer Lab
2. Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab
3. Electronics Workshop Lab
4. Digital Logic Design Lab
5. Communication Lab
6. Microprocessor and Interfaces Lab
7. VLSI Design Lab
8. Microwave Communication and Engineering Lab
9. Linear Integrated Circuits & Applications Lab

Electrical & Electronics Departments
List of Lab :
1. Electrical Machines Lab
2. Basic Electronics Lab
3. Electric Circuits Lab
4. Computer Lab
5. Electrical Measurements & Measuring Instruments Lab
6. Analog Electronics Lab
7. Digital Electronics and Logic Design Lab
8. Control Systems Lab
9. Microprocessor Lab
10. Digital Signal Processing Lab
11. Power System Simulation Lab
12. Power Electronics Devices and Circuits Lab
13. Digital Signal Processing Lab
14. Switchgear and Protection Lab
15. Electric Drives Lab
16. High Voltage Engineering Lab

Mechanical Departments
List of Lab :
1. Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering (FME) Lab
2. Workshop
3. Drawing Lab
4. Engineering Thermodynamics Lab
5. Mechanical Measurements & Metrology Lab
6. Fluid mechanics/ machinery Lab
7. Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) Lab
8. Theory of Machines (TOM) Lab
9. STM Lab
10. Heat and Mass Transfer (HMT) Lab
11. Automobile Engineering Lab
12. Refrigeration & Air-conditioning (RAC) Lab

Humanities & Applied Sciences Departments
List of Lab :
1. Applied Chemistry Lab
2. Applied Physics Lab
3. Communication Skills Lab